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Friday, October 13, 2017

It's Time For Some Swing!

Rose Room

From the Music Minus One Roy Agee collection of swing band music.

My legato is improving, as is my timing. Work. Work. Work. More practice.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Some Of My Recordings

Ain't That Peculiar

From the Music Minus One Ira Nepus collection.

Performed on my vintage King 2B tenor trombone. I love playing all three sizes of my horns!

My Foolish Heart

From the Music Minus One Ira Nepus collection.

I guess my new favorite horn is my vintage King 4B/F, with a large shank Bach 5G mouthpiece. Can't beat the deep tone on drippy ballads. OBTW, yes that is me playing a low C at the very end. I thought it was a nice touch, along with some other embellishments I did through-out the song.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

From the Music Minus One Ira Nepus collection.

This is a deceptively difficult song to play. The expectation is for velvety smoothness and since a lot of the intervals are far apart on a trombone, it does take some practice. I experimented with playing it very softly and directly into the mic, then adjusting the gain on both the backing and solo tracks to bring my sound to (I hope) a pleasing level. I appreciated the conductor keeping the orchestra from playing too fully in places where I needed to be heard above them. Lol


From the Music Minus One Ira Nepus collection.

I believe this is the highest fidelity recording I have done to date. I have greatly refined my recording procedure. And playing straight into the mic the way I do is an art in itself! I am still finding and perfecting my ballad style. In the style I want, it has to be done carefully and artfully or I will sound like a drunken clown. I play a musical instrument with a slide. Most trombone players think they must play it as though it has valves. They should learn how to play a baritone instead.

A Jim Croce classic, arranged by me with my cousin Carl on guitar, my other cousin Carl on bass, my other cousin Carl on keyboard and my cousin Carla on drums.

I think it's interesting, the sound difference between a large-bore horn with a large mouthpiece vs a medium-bore horn with a smaller mouthpiece. This is with a King 3B/F and a Bach 7 mpc. You can hear the same characteristic sound of me playing a King trombone and yet the smaller-bore trombone sounds more focused. I'm debating with myself which one is more suitable for jazz...

A selection with a small-bore trombone and a typically small mouthpiece. I am playing a King 2B, with a Bach 12 mpc. Notice the sound is even more focused.

From the Music Minus One Ira Nepus collection.